Arweave announces the launch of the Arweave naming system

Arweave is a project that aims to act as a collective hard drive that never forgets, hosting the so-called permaweb, which is a permanent, decentralized network of many community platforms and applications. Recently, the project announced that it is taking the next step towards achieving this goal by launching the Arweave Name System (ArNS) pilot program, which will significantly improve the ability to find data on the network.

A new way to name pages in the Arweave ecosystem

According to Arweave’s announcement, its Arweave name system is a Smartweave-based directory of user-friendly subdomains. These subdomains are enabled by AR.IO gateways within the project’s permaweb.

The idea is to be able to select any Arweave transaction and make it easier to find all the data on Arweave. The announcement further states that users can freely visit the decentralized version of the ArDrive.Arweave.Dev website which is fully hosted on the permaweb.

The Arweave naming system is envisioned as a decentralized and censorship-resistant naming system that would run on the project’s blockchain and be used to connect friendly names to dApps, data, pages, websites, etc. based on PermaWeb. The project further stated that the goal of its use is to make Permaweb URLs more “beautiful and expressive”, but from a more practical standpoint, it is to enable notable Arweave dApps and transactions to be hosted from inviting and recognizable Arweave gateway subdomains. .

Until now, URLs were a combination of Arweave Gateway DNS name and Arweave Transaction ID, with Transaction IDs being 43-character IDs referring to L1 or Bundled Data Item transactions. This was useful for project security and addressability, but it also had the potential to trigger spam filters and even look suspicious to individuals. And, of course, there’s the standard problem of being nearly impossible for users to remember those addresses, or even recognize the Permaweb destinations the addresses lead to.

A new era begins for Arweave Permaweb

With ArNS, this will change, and these addresses will finally become readable for humans as well. The system has been operational since June 29 and Arweave noted that it only takes 3 steps to name a Permaweb-based page. First, users can access Permaweb and create the page, then they claim their domain, and finally, they set their Twitter profile name.

The project also hinted that the first 200 users to become ArNS beta testers will receive the Soulbound token at the end of the beta period, which could be another way to entice users to participate.

Arweave apparently expects this move to lead to a significant boost in the development of its Permaweb, with many new pages emerging now that it becomes easier for users to navigate from page to page and find out actually where they are going.

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