Ariadnext will provide KYC checks and biometric identity verification for fintechs through a new partner

Ariadnext has partnered with fintech infrastructure provider FintechOS to offer digital identity verification and biometrics services to the latter’s customers in strategic markets.

IDnow group company Ariadnext will provide remote identity verification, digital identity, e-signature and document security services to enhance FintechOS knowledge of your customer standards and help its customers meet the requirements compliance.

The markets targeted by the partners are located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

FintechOS has invested in its digital onboarding solution to deliver seamless user experiences while meeting European and local regulatory requirements for KYC, AML and GDPR, according to the announcement.

“Our remote identity verification services have proven to be the first choice of some of Europe’s largest companies, a testament to the levels of security and fraud assurance we consistently provide to our clients” , says Bertrand Bouteloup, Deputy CEO of Ariadnext. “Our innovative hybrid solution,, provides seamless and fully digital eKYC for end customers in minutes, in accordance with ETSI TS 119-461. The partnership with FintechOS makes it possible to provide turnkey services to financial institutions and banks within the framework of ADR regulations across Europe. offers selfie biometrics and Ariadnext added liveness detection provided by BioID in late 2020.

“We are excited to expand the collaboration with Ariadnext and create more choice in our ecosystem for solutions built on FintechOS to comply with the requirements of the European digital identity domain,” comments Todi Pruteanu, Vice President of the ecosystem at FintechOS. “The result is a product capability that meets today’s remote identity verification standards while providing an intuitive customer experience.”

Ariadnext partnered with IDnow in a €50 million deal a year ago to form a pan-European biometric identity verification platform.

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