A transparent and accountable governance system through J&K has been established, says government

Last updated August 31, 2022 at 7:07 p.m.

The J&K government has implemented a unique system whereby every work is put into the public domain, thus establishing greater accountability and transparency in the work culture and ensuring that money is spent in accordance with the development needs of the people, the government said today.

The government is undertaking several reforms that will help further sharpen the development strategy and give impetus to development acceleration efforts here.

Proper documentation of development projects with photographic evidence and geographic coordinates is an effort to improve transparency and accountability in the execution of work. 32,889 jobs are available online on the Empowerment Portal for citizens to check and ensure they are being done to set specifications.

J&K UT has achieved an unprecedented level of transparency in financial management through a host of financial reforms and government interventions, including the online release of funds by activity via “BEAMS” (Budget Estimate, Allocation and Monitoring System); EMPOWERMENT portal (Enabling Monitoring and Public Overview of Works Being Executed & Resources for Meaningful Transparency) which gives details of projects and related expenditures and then puts them in the public domain, rendering administrative and technical approvals, tenders electronic, the geolocated photographs required for payments; online invoicing via “JK Payment System”; rationalization of the GST; electronic stamping; e-GRAS; digital payments; implementation of GeM; publication of important manuals relating to Budget and Audit, Back to Village and My Town My Pride initiatives and 100% physical verification of projects.

The administration has successfully implemented innovative initiatives in this regard, including BEAMS, online invoice submission via J&K PaySys, mandatory administrative approvals, technical sanctions and electronic tendering, digital payments, GFR, GeM and related measures which have greatly contributed to financial discipline in the departments here.

Key reforms introduced by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir in its financial structure providing for increased transparency and accountability have brought UT’s tax system to par with any other progressive arrangement across the country.

The promotion of good governance in financial management has been one of the main objectives of the government. J&K’s financial system is one of the most transparent systems in the world and is part of the key changes that have taken root in the territory of the Union.