In today’s world, e-commerce and online visibility are sine qua non for success. Businesses are willing to invest significant sums to strengthen their online presence and maximize sales. As a result of this digitalization of business, domain names have gained incredible value. And where there is value, there is anRead More →

Apple has taken ownership of the domain name, according to a WHOIS record discovered by MacRumors. The domain name was previously owned by payment startup Mobeewave, which Apple acquired last year. Mobeewave has created a system that allows shoppers to use a credit card or smartphone on another phoneRead More →

Google has a disallowance tool, a tool reluctantly launched in 2012 that lets you tell Google which links you don’t want them to count and which point to your site. Turns out there are a number of SEOs who end up disavowing their disavow tool – which has no impactRead More →

A new set of rules governs the “.au” country code top-level domain (ccTLD). These rules introduced key changes to eligibility criteria and the ability to rent or lease domain names. In particular, registrants relying on an Australian trademark to meet the Australian presence requirement must now ensure that their “.au”Read More →