18 End User Domain Name Sales This Week – Domain Name Wire

A virtual real estate tour company, a metaverse project, and a food delivery company bought domain names.

Sedo reported some nice sales this week, but it’s unclear who bought the top two domains at this point. Mixed.com sold for $115,000 and Onda.com for $80,000. Hopefully we’ll find out who bought them soon.

Here is a list of end-user domain name sales that have just ended at Sedo. You can check out previous lists like this here.

ITjobs.mx $35,000 and ITjobs.tw $25,000 – Jobs.bg is back to buying domains from Sedo after a short hiatus.

Testimonial.de €14,500 – This domain redirects to Testimonials.de, a service that helps companies collect testimonials.

Aize.com $12,000 – Aize helps companies visually distance physical assets. It is essentially a digital twin company. He forwards this domain to his Aize.io domain. This upgrade was easily worth the price.

Supermarkt.at €9,000 – This site compares grocery prices between grocery stores.

Vyu.io $9,000 – Ogulo GmbH creates virtual tours for real estate. I don’t know why it will use vyu.io.

OrderMeal.com $8,500 – Order Meal Limited is a New Zealand food delivery service. It uses the domain ordermeal.co.nz.

Mcity.net €7,500 – Mcity is a metaverse project.

GPinfo.com $5,999 – Telinco BVBA is an application developer. There is already a website at this address which says it is the biggest cycling site in Belgium… yet the content seems to be about racing cars.

CopyThat.com £3,900 – HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah bought this domain for The Hustle founder Sam Parr. This is an upgrade for his TryCopyThat.com domain, where he offers a copyright course.

Telsonic.de €3,600 – Telsonic provides industrial ultrasonic solutions. He forwards this domain to the German-language page on his Telsonic.com domain.

InHomeFlooring.com $3,488 – The site is under development, but is for a company that sells flooring.

PrismaTV.de €3,200 – Prisma is an entertainment site. It forwards this domain to Prisma.de.

Emico.com $3,000 – syskomp gehmeyr GmbH creates industrial products and has a division called emico. It forwards this domain to emico.de.

Fello.ca $2,888 – Fello leases technology such as iPads and point-of-sale systems. It uses the corresponding .com domain.

BridgeLoan.co.uk £2,599 – This domain redirects to Finbri loan company website.

Bikeclub.de €2,290 – Bike Club is a subscription service for children’s bicycles. He forwards this domain to his BikeClub.com domain.

Cerrado.com €2,250 – The site is under development, but says it’s “designed in Germany” and shows a picture of a man standing in a field observing crops.